lunes, 11 de julio de 2011


the country

across from the Holiday Inn
(center for correspondents during the war)

bosnia5.jpg (81247 bytes)
Turkish cemetery

bosnia2.jpg (81381 bytes)

bosnia1.jpg (58337 bytes)
footprints where the assassin, Gavrilo Princip, stood
to start World War I by shooting Archduke Ferdinand
(June 27, 1914)

a town of mosques and the flag
of the communist government

Husref Bay Mosque
(built in 1530 by Gazi Husref)

bosnia4.jpg (82503 bytes)
old town

bosnia3.jpg (87894 bytes)
the bridge
(destroyed in the 1990's war)

bosnia6.jpg (78174 bytes)
the bridge in 1975

bridge in 1986

then a major tourist attraction

across the bridge

leading to the bridge

view of Mostar from the bridge

Poċitelj, a nearby Muslim town (photo from 1975)
which suffered destruction and ethnic cleansing during the 1993 war
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